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What is Freeview?

Freeview is the UK digital TV service that allows you to watch extra digital channels through your existing TV aerial. You do not need a satellite dish and there are no subscriptions to pay - all you need is a Freeview set-top box or a Freeview Television and a compatible aerial.

Freeview offers around 50 TV channels and more then 20 radio channels. These channels are subscription-free, there are no contracts and no ties.

So long as you are in a digital coverage area you should be able to receive Freeview with your existing rooftop or loft aerial, provided they are in good condition. If you experience poor quality digital reception you may need to get your aerial installation checked or replaced with one of the new style digital TV aerials.

What is Freeview+?

Freeview+ is a similar to Sky plus in that it allows you to record, playback and even pause live TV. Also called a PVR or Personal Video Recorder it includes a veiwing guide and scheduled recording facilities.

We can install signal boosters, aerials, set top boxes or PVRs to meet your Freeview digital television needs.

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