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What is Sky?

Sky is the original satelite TV system offering the widest variety of channels available. Sky uses a satelite dish to receive the TV programmes and provides various packages from Sky Freesat (available for a one off payment) to full subscription services including HD channels. Monthly subscriptions vary depending on your choice of tv channels.

With a fantastic range of digital tv channels in many languages Sky TV offers documentaries, dramas, news, current affairs programmes, movies and entertainment for the whole family - Sky really is the best home entertainment.

What is Sky+?

With Sky + TV, you need never miss a programme again. You can pause, rewind, record and playback LIVE TV on your Sky Plus box, you can also plan the recording of TV programmes in advance so you never miss your favourite TV shows. Upgrading existing Sky subscriptions to Sky+ means an upgrade to your Sky Mini Satellite Dish and a new Sky+ receiver, work which Aerials & Satellites are expert in.

What is Sky HD?

The ultimate in viewing, Sky HD provides the latest in viewing technology, HD provides life like images and you get Sky Plus recording Picture clarity is four times clearer and sharper, colours more vibrant and with many programmes and films recorded with surround sound, you are not going to be disappointed with ths satellite TV. To receive Sky HD programmes, you will have to upgrade to and install a Sky HD receiver and compatible HD TV.

What is Sky Freesat?

Sky but without the subscription. Working the same as Sky TV, Sky Freesat requires the installation of a Sky mini satellite dish and receiver, but there are no monthly premiums to pay. Receiving over 200 'Free to Air' channels with Sky providing digital quality images and sound. DTV Aerials engineers are expert installers, and can customise your installation to meet your needs.


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